Welcome to Klose’s Online! This walkthrough has been designed to assist you in how to shop and will give you a step-by-step guide outlining the process from signing up as a new customer, to applying a coupon code and the final step in assessing your payment options, to checking out.


Thank you for choosing Klose’s Online for your online shopping needs. Proud to be a part of Klose’s Supermarkets who’s origins date back to 1902 when Charlie Klose opened a general store in Lobethal selling groceries, drapery, hardware & fodder.  After 110 years, we are still a successful South Australian family-owned business and have grown to own and operate six Foodland stores within the Adelaide Hills.  We are now excited to bring the exceptional quality and outstanding service present in our stores to Klose’s Online. It gives us great satisfaction in having the ability to service the Adelaide Hills community and we hope to fulfill your needs throughout each shopping experience.
Creating an account for a new customer

To place an order you must create a Klose's Online account. This is done through the ‘sign in’ button in the top left hand corner.  You will be prompted to enter in an email address that you will use as the primary source of contact and will become your ‘sign in’ registration. Enter your full name and other requested details then choose your password. If your ‘sign in’ has been successful you will be redirected back to the home screen.

Setting up your payment details

From the home screen you will now see that you are logged in.  Go you your account settings by clicking on Hi 'Your Name’ you will then be able to set up your payment details by adding a credit card to your log in. Currently, participating payment options are either VISA or MASTERCARD.  If you are an existing 30 Day Account Customer of Klose's Supermarkets, you are able to charge your online shop to that account.  To enable this option, you will need to contact or phone on (08) 8389 6540 and request this.  Once approved you will note another payment option at this step 'Account Holder', select this option and type in your account code.


Setting up your delivery address or selecting your Click & Collect store

From the home screen you will see to the right of screen ‘Choose Delivery or Pick Up’ once you select this button you will be able to set your delivery address and add any delivery instructions.  If you live in an eligible location the details will be confirmed. Enter your delivery details and any delivery instructions and click 'set address' or choose 'your pick up location' which will allow you to set the store which you wish to collect your shopping from. You will then be returned to the home screen.  This will be confirmed again during the checkout process.  


You are now registered to commence shopping!

Shopping and categories

The main shopping categories are located on the left and once these are selected, you have the products listed in those selected categories open on the right.  Filtering by using the 'refine' button can provide further enhancements to the category by specification. By clicking ‘specials’ it can refine the product search further. Click on one of the available options to show only those products you with to see.  You can also use the 'sort' menu to prioritise items. HINT: If you cannot find an item using the category or departments try searching for the item by entering a product description, name or brand in the search bar.

Adding/Removing of products
To add products to your basket simply click ‘add’. Items per kilo are added in 0.100g increments and items in each are added individually. To remove simply click the subtraction button to work the added in reverse. You can also manually enter in quantity amounts. By clicking on the pencil icon at the bottom left you can leave a note.  For example, Bananas ripe please. At this point you can also choose 'Substitute or No Substitute' for this item should be unable to supply.

Summary & Review

Clicking your 'shopping cart' will bring you to your order summary and give you the option to review and adjust your order.  From here last minute changes can be made to your basket, including increasing or decreasing product quantities or removing the product from your order altogether. If for any reason you would like to start again and clear your basket simply click ‘empty basket’. If at any time during the shop you need to start over, use this function.  To proceed, click ‘checkout’.



From here you are taken to the delivery/pickup screen. Enter your details or click the 'change this' button to reviw your pre-entered details. Select an option from the available timeslots for Pick up or Delivery.  Once this is done ‘continue’ to the next window.  When registering for the first time you will receive a 'Welcome' email.  In that email a coupon code will be included to be used on your first order to allow you FIRSTORDER on your first order.  Delivery is also free for all orders over $200.

Next step is substitutes for products. By default, substitutes are set as OK, meaning if we are unable to supply the product you ordered it will be substituted with the closest possible match. If you do not want substitutes simply untick the 'substitutions ok' box and click continue. Products that are not supplied will subtract from the total bill if no substitutes are allowed.



Make a note if required for any special instructions ie:  that the driver needs to use the side gate to gain entrance to the house.


Terms and Conditions (important)

To proceed further another important step is agreeing to the terms and conditions. Please read these carefully and note that you agree to the conditions bound by these rules and understand them completely. Once these have been agreed upon, click ‘I’ve read and agree to the terms and conditions’.


The next window asks for a coupon code.  Please enter the code you have to use to receive discount. This will appear on your tax invoice as a discount. Keep an eye on Klose’s Supermarkets social media accounts for special offers that can be used in conjunction with this service in future


Missing steps (how to go back) 

In the event of skipping a step you can click 'shopping trolley' icon at the top right of your screen you will be taken to 'Review Order' screen you are able to adjust product quanities, add a coupon and go through to 'Checkout' or 'keep Shopping'. This can be performed at any step to view or add missing information in along the way.   The 'Klose's Home' tab is in the top left corner, using this will bring you back to the home screen showing all department categories and weekly specials.



If you have missed anything in your basket simply click ‘keep shopping’ before you have placed your order to return to the store. Last step is to place your order by entering in your payment details if you hadn’t done previously. Once complete ‘place your order’. A summary e-mail is then sent to your nominated address confirming your purchase.



Congratulations – You have successfully placed an order on our online store. We hope your enjoyed the shopping experience! If you have any concerns, queries or feedback feel free to email us at



  1. When you've added something, it will appear here. To see everything in your trolley, use the Review Order & Checkout button.

    Item Cost
  2. Choose Delivery or Pickup
  3. Add Coupon